Cute Cat breeds

Cute Cat breeds

Cute Cat Breeds: Which one suits you?

There are many cute cat breeds out there, and although they all have 4 legs, 2 ears and a tail, they are quite different. Some are small and fluffy, and others are muscular with short hair, or even no hair!

However you view “cute”, and whatever your style, preference, lifestyle or size of your home, there is a breed out there for all of us.

Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting and lovable of those cute cat breeds.


One of the most beautiful breeds of cat, the ragdoll is a long-haired cat with stunning sapphire eyes. To match their looks they have wonderful personalities.

They are laid back and docile, and to top it off they adore people ( which we know, not all cats do). Ragdolls will follow their owners around and love to play with them. The ragdoll is an undeniably cute cat breed!

A close up image of the face of a Ragdoll, the main focus is its big blue eyes.

Ragdoll cats are noted for their incredible blue eyes.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a big, strong and striking cat. With large, pointed ears and bright eyes they have a keen expression. Their coat is long and dense to keep them warm, plus they can wrap their exceptionally long and bushy tail around them for extra warmth.

You might be surprised that such a large cat could be in a list of cute cat breeds, but their fluffiness and bulk makes them a delight to snuggle.

Maine Coons would really benefit from outdoor space. They are robust and athletic and need to burn off energy and practise their hunting skills. As like other longhair breeds they require daily grooming, but who doesn’t love the idea of brushing this big cat!

 A Maine Coon cat is sitting on a cream, leather stool. He is looking ahead, into the distance.

Perhaps a surprising cute cat breed, but this enormous, chunky cat is a lovable gentle giant.


If you are looking for a cat that looks like a little leopard, then the Bengal is for you! They wear a thick and velvety spotted coat that needs very little grooming.

Bengals are not shy and retiring, they are full of fun and mischief (think of them as the toddlers of the cat world!), and can sometimes be a bit of a handful for inexperienced cat owners. But, these vocal cats provide lots of entertainment.

A Bengal cat, with its leopard pattern coat, lies on a grey rug. He is looking directly at the camera.

With their eye-catching coat, Bengal cats look like cute little leopards.

British Shorthair

If the Bengal sounds like a little too much for you, then perhaps consider the gentle and calm British Shorthair cat breed. With their elegant and plump faces, bulbous cheeks and round eyes their appearance matches their personality.

Affectionate and attention-loving, they are wonderful for first time cat owners and families. Sometimes they can be a little quiet and they don’t enjoy being picked up or carried, but that’s ok isn’t it?

A cream coloured British Shorthair cat is relaxing, almost sleeping on a floor. His body is on a green blanket, but his chin rests off this, and on the wooden floor.

If you love chilled out cats, then a British Shorthair would be a great match


An elegant looking little cat with a slight oriental look, the Burmese is friendly, smart and curious. They love to sit up high or on a windowsill and study what is going on around them.

Any door or cupboard that is left open is an invite to explore, and movement from their owner is an invite to play! Originally this cute cat breed only came in a brown colour (sable) however through breeding you can now choose colours such as blue, champagne and platinum!

 A lilac coloured Burmese cat lies with its front paws crossed, as it looks over to its left.

The Burmese now comes in many lovely, muted colours, such as lilac

Domestic Shorthair

Now, there are many fancy cat breeds to choose from, but one type of cute cat you should always consider is the moggy. These are cats of no specific breed or ancestry, usually referred to as domestic shorthair or longhair.

Although you can’t bank on the attitude and the behaviour of a mixed breed cat, they are generally healthier than pedigree cats. Of course, moggys come in a whole variety of colours and coat lengths and make just as lovely feline friends as the purebred pedigrees.

A black and white kitten and a tabby and white kitten sit together on a brown sofa, looking curiously at something in the distance behind the camera.

Moggys make fantastic pet cats, while you can’t predict their personality, you can predict fun and entertainment.

Author: Gillian Davidson,  RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse), Scotland.

Author: Gillian Davidson, RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse),Scotland.

Gillian began working in a veterinary practice in 2007 and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2011. Gillian has worked in various animal practices in the West of Scotland, and is particularly interested in behaviour medicine and weight management. Gillian has also been a clinical coach for student veterinary nurses for 10 years.

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