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Percuro was born out of love: love for our pets and love for our planet.

The wonderful clean insect protein is naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for dogs with food allergies. The source of insect protein is not a vector of disease and does not contain antibiotics you may find in traditional meat & fish ingredients.
Not only are Percuro's recipes highly digestible, they also include prebiotics, like chicory and MOS, for a healthy tummy. These healthy biome gut flora together with the chamomile that's added to Percuro foods helps to pets feeling calm and happy too.
We know that a planet friendly food should also be a real healthy one, which provides natural ingredients that support a pet's body and mind. Percuro used food scientists to create the best formula. It is approved by vets, and formulated to meet FEDIAF guidelines, who ensure the diet is complete and balanced.
All ingredients are thoroughly tested for quality and safety, and provides all the nutrient-rich goodness that you would expect from a premium diet like ours. Highly digestible for a happy dog!


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