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Happy Dog Sensible Pure Texas

100% animal protein from turkey* With Happy Dog Sensible Pure Texas premium wet dog food you are filling your dog’s bowl with pure natural goodness. Our high-quality wet food... read more
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Product details
100% animal protein from turkey*

With Happy Dog Sensible Pure Texas premium wet dog food you are filling your dog’s bowl with pure natural goodness. Our high-quality wet food is made from 100% tasty turkey and contains vital vitamins and minerals. The wet food is free from soya and other plant-based ingredients.

Sensible Pure Texas is ideal for adult dogs of all breeds and for sensitive dogs with food intolerances.

This pure meat diet is perfect as a complete food given on its own or in owner-prepared meals, and is ideal combined with Happy Dog Flakes Mixer. The Flakes Mixer provides important vegetable-based fibre for a healthy diet to help support the digestion and provide carbohydrates for energy.

Do you want to introduce more variety into your four-legged friend’s diet, in addition to dry food? Then just switch some of the dry food for a portion of wet food, and give your pet more added enjoyment.

* May contain traces of other proteins due to the manufacturing process.

Complete feed for adult dogs.

Happy Dog Sensible Pure Texas at a glance:
  • Poultry
  • Grain-free formulation
  • Especially tasty
  • Vet-recommended for food intolerance

  • Quality - Sensible Wet Food Texas has delicious Meat nutrition from delicious turkey meat for gourmet dogs. The recipe is easy to digest and optimally tolerated, highly recommended for dogs with food allergies or intolerances.
  • Sustainability - The Dog food is produced in ecological, responsible production from high Quality raw materials from organic agriculture and under strict Quality controls
  • Our promise of Quality - without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives no added sugar without genetic technology without added soy (except in Baby Milk Probiotik 30/30), no animal testing, best tolerance, gentle preparation
  • Made with love in Germany - Since 1765 Our Bavarian family business produces speciesappropriate animal food from tradition and conviction. We know The love of the fourlegged friend goes through the stomach.
Nutritional Information
Meat and animal derivatives (70 % - turkey muscle meat, turkey liver, turkey heart, turkey gizzard, turkey neck)**, minerals
** Due to manufacturing tolerances, the food may still contain traces of other proteins


Crude protein 10.8 %,
crude fat 5.7 %,
crude ash 1.9 %,
crude fibre 0.7 %,
moisture 80.5%

Vitamin A (3a672a) 3000 IU, vitamin D3 (3a671) 300 IU, vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 3a700) 12 mg, vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate 3a821) 2.5 mg
Feeding Instructions
Feeding recommendation:
Ideal weight dog in kg Food in g / 24 h (if feeding alone)
2 155
5 310
7,5 420
10 525
20 880
30 1200
40 1490
60 2000
80 2500
This information is a guideline. Individual needs depend on age, breed, weight, activity level and housing conditions. Feed at room temperature. Keep fresh drinking water available at all times.
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