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Top Dog


Top Dog Whitening Pet Shampoo

Our Whitening Shampoo is a specialized product, designed specifically for use in pets with a white coat. Its stands out due to the use of Indigo Dye, which effectively neutra... read more
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Product details

Our Whitening Shampoo is a specialized product, designed specifically for use in pets with a white coat. Its stands out due to the use of Indigo Dye, which effectively neutralises unwanted colorations that appear on the white coat. It offers a snowy white color that stays unchanged for days WITHOUT containing hydrogen peroxide or strong bleaching agents. It has a fortified formula with 40% Bio-active Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, TiO2 and a rich combination of Silicones that are directly adsorbed by the hair and increase the overall shine and luminosity of the coat. At the same time, it contains Primrose oil which is known for its beneficial effect on eczema and for deeply hydrating the skin.

It is recommended to use in combination with No More Stains daily, to remove the tear stains that appear around the eyes, mouth and paws.

The benefits of Whitening

  • Highly concentrated - 20:1 dilution (water: shampoo)
  • Stunning white color
  • Shine
  • Hydration
  • Does not contain hydrogen peroxide
  • Results that last

Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Primrose Oil and Vitamin E.


Tips for optimum performance.


The Top Dog product range is suitable for dogs, *cats and horses. When grooming cats, shampoos should be diluted in a ratio of 40:1 - water: product (twice the dilution of 20:1 for dogs)

Dilution / Efficiency

Top Dog shampoos are super concentrated and should be diluted with lukewarm water. See the dilution ratio based on your pet's weight in the below dilution guide. First put in the water and then the shampoo. Shake gently until the mixture is incorporated. 2 washes with the diluted shampoo are ideal, for increased coat and skin cleanliness but also to allow the beneficial ingredients of the shampoo the time to act.


Diluted products should be discarded after 24 hours if not in use. That is because diluted products cannot be preserved, and microbial growth starts from the moment the product is diluted with tap water.


Check the water temperature to ensure it is lukewarm. Apply half of the diluted product to a (preferably) dry coat, massage thoroughly and rinse. Repeat the same process with the rest of the diluted product and rinse with plenty of water.

Use of Conditioner or Mask

After shampooing, it is recommended to use a Top Dog conditioner or mask that will help you easily and painlessly detangle the coat after bathing and provide intensive coat nourishment and regeneration. It is ideal for the holistic care of the coat and skin because it strengthens the skin barrier.


Remove as much moisture as possible with a towel and then dry completely with a hair dryer. Do not use the high temperature setting and do not keep the hair dryer too close to the dog's coat. Offer your dog a quiet corner in an indoor space for a few hours before letting it go out again.

Combine with:

No More Stains for the daily cleaning of stains that appear around the eyes, mouth and paws, Dry Clean Shampoo for daily small touch-ups, Leave-In Mask for hydration and repair.

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